Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Dishes: Stepping Out on Homer

A few months ago, Q and I were cruising through an antique mall (the same place where I found my blue Fiesta comport) when this gravy boat caught my eye:

It's obviously not Fiesta. It's not even from Homer Laughlin. In fact, it's somewhat of a departure from the solid colored dishes that have taken over parts of the house. But I was fascinated by the cool atomic/tiki vibe. Plus, the shape reminded me of the dishes we used when I was a child. There is a tiny chip on the rim, but at $5, I had to have it.

I brought my gravy boat home and the research began. I knew the maker was Taylor Smith & Taylor (Luke thought this was a law firm). And based on some Internet digging, I was able to narrow the pattern down to either Cathay or Jamaica Bay. I just don't know which. Both use the same decal. I haven't seen an example of this gravy boat on eBay or anywhere on the Internet since.

During the course of my limited research, I discovered other equally cool TST patterns and pieces. This coffee server in the Adagio pattern.

and this relish boat.

I have a feeling this is only the beginning. I'll definitely be looking for more TST at conference.


DS Mark said...

If I remember correctly, Jamaica Bay has turquoise interior Ever Yours hollowware with coupe flatware and Cathay has green interior Ironstone (cylindrical) hollowware with rim flatware. Yours would be Jamaica Bay.

Ever Yours is a great durable shape by Gilkes. Without a doubt, "Boutonniere" is the most common decoration on this shape. I have a few pieces in the Pebbleford glazes I'll have to dig out.

Ms. Val said...

Thanks for the info, Mark. You're right about Boutonniere being most common Every Yours pattern. I've seen alot of it on eBay. I'll definitely be seeking out more of this shape when I'm in the WV/PA/OH area this summer. I currently have my eye on the Quince pattern because it has pink in it.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Hello! Found your site while searching on the internet trying to find the name of a Taylor Smith & Taylor piece I recently found in a thrift store.

I have several TST pieces & love them all.

Now I'm off to take a look around your blog; it's pretty!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Oh, and if you love pink, you need to check out TST's "Mardi Gras" pattern. I only have a bowl in that pattern & haven't seen any more pieces. But it's really pink!