Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Score

Today, Q and I spent a nice, leisurely day lunching and dishing in downtown Glendale (if you're in this area, La Piazza al Forno on 58th and Glendale Ave. is a must stop for pizza).

After seeing lots of damaged and overpriced ware ($65 for a Plum disk pitcher that I can buy in Dillard's for $28), I was giving up hope. Still, I wanted to hit one more shop before going home. It was there where I glanced down onto a low shelf and found this beauty--a vintage Fiesta comport in cobalt blue:

It is damaged. In addition to the chip, there is a long hairline crack through the center of the bowl. But for $25, I didn't care. These things commonly sell on eBay for $200+. This is a piece I never thought I'd own in any condition for any price. I certainly didn't think I'd find one in the wild.

It was also a little dusty and filmy. Nothing that a little soapy bath couldn't fix. But as I started sponging down the bowl, this strange yellow resinous film started flaking off:

I managed to remove all the film. It was only on the outside of the bowl, not inside. I'm assuming this was the former owner's strange attempt at a repair. I just hope I didn't do additional damage.

Additionally, I should point out that this bowl cost less than our lunch.


DS Mark said...

Glad it cleaned up for you O.K. Looks like a great piece to have!

Ms. Val said...

Thanks, Mark. I have it on prominent display in the living room.