Monday, August 31, 2009

Sticker Shot

When we were in California last month, I bought shot glasses from both of the MLB parks we visited. The glass I got from Angel's Stadium had this warning sticker attached to it:

This can't be any worse than the chemicals that will ultimately go on the INTERIOR this glass!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

My son is 15 years old today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bathroom Floor

Q and I just spent the better part of last weekend replacing the flooring in our bathroom.

When we had this house built, we opted the carpet/sheet vinyl combination as a way to cut costs. This was supposed to be a temporary solution until we could afford to have better quality flooring installed. Well, 10 years is temporary enough.

Click on the pics to view them larger.

The sheet vinyl in the water closet has been popping up for years. At times, we even tripped over it.
I was damn tired of looking at the mold spot that had formed in front of the shower door. It was usually covered by a rug, but still. This carpet HAD to go!

On Friday, while Q was at work I ripped out the sheet vinyl in the water closet. A heat gun made short work of this task. That is the best $25 I spent on this whole project. I also removed the carpet and padding. That was a dusty, dirty job.

Carpet and pad waiting to be stuffed into the trash can. On Saturday morning, we would drive to Lowe's to buy our new flooring--a groutable peel-and-stick vinyl product by Armstrong.

After we got home with our materials, Q and I got down to business. We removed the doors and baseboards... cleaned and prepped the floor....

Cut and installed cement backerboard....

...and Jango helped!

By the end of Sunday, the entire peel-and-stick floor was laid. This picture was taken before the joints were grouted. For the grout, we used a premixed acrylic sanded grout. This is made specifically for groutable vinyl tiles. We also used 1/8" grout lines instead of the usual 1/4".
The floor had to be rolled to ensure adhesion of the tiles. This is also what happens when I quit caring about my appearance.

The toilet had to be removed. We placed it in the shower because the bathtub was being used for trash. This was a very, VERY messy job.

Jango won't drink he water out of Fiesta, but she will drink out of an upturned toilet tank lid. Dumb cat!

We also decided to remove the contractor-grade base moulding and replace it with a more ornate product. For this, we figured an 8-foot section would be enough. And it was. That little piece in Q's hand was all that was left.

Q installed the carpet-to-tile transition like a professional.

The finished floor. I got snappy-happy and took this pic before the base moulding was installed.

Goodbye Summer !!

My very busy summer is quickly coming to an end. I return to school tomorrow.

It all started in June when I decided to take an algebra class. Math has never been my strong suit and I just wanted to get it out of the way.

That class took me the WHOLE month of June. When I wasn't physically attending the class, I was doing and redoing the homework and watching class lectures online. I did take one afternoon off to drive Kyle and his friends to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on opening day. As the only live parent without a job, that chore fell squarely in my lap. Anyway, I ended the 4 week, 4 credit algebra class with a B. Oh, happy day!

July was our month for traveling. My first trip was to the HLCCA Conference in Pittsburgh. On the 8th, I flew to Indianapolis, where Craig picked me up. From there we drove to the Embassy Suites in Pittsburgh, where many conference attendees had already congregated. We met up with Shane, Brad, and which time hi-jinx ensued. More on that in a future post.

Later in the month, we took a big family trip to southern California with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces. We spent the week just being tourists. We went to Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City, a medieval themed dinner show, the beach, and a few baseball games.

And in true tourist fashion, we got lost on the way to Dodgers' Stadium. That park is located in downtown LA, near the confluence of like seven freeways. So if you're in the wrong lane at the wrong time, you're SCREWED! The lack of stadium-related signage didn't help matters. One bright spot to this little detour was that we got to drive past the famed Bonaventure Hotel. That made me giddy

While in California, we went antique shopping in downtown Orange. At one of the malls, I spotted this rare piece of Fiesta--a maroon covered mustard dish. At $2,200, it was too rich for my blood. But the owner saw me admiring it and she took it out of the glass case. Yes, I got to touch the rare mustard! :-)

So far, August has been spent taking care of back to school-related errands. Orientation nights, meet-the-teacher events, supply shopping, doctors appointments, etc...etc...etc... Kyle is now in high school. He's enjoying it so far...or so he says. The information he shares with me is about what can be expected from a boy of almost 15. Speaking of which, his birthday is on Thursday.

Luke is now in 6th grade. They now follow the same format as the junior high grades in that he has to switch classes every period. Luke will still be participating in band and in the next month will be starting baseball.

Q and I have spent the the last few days replacing the floor in our bathroom. After 10 years and a few large mold spots, the temporary carpet is history. Pictures of this project will be posted upon completion.