Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Dishes: From My Childhood

Cruising through the antique mall yesterday, I found the same dishes we used when I was a child. Minimal eBay research informed me that these are the Autumn Harvest pattern from Taylor, Smith & Taylor.

I'm not crazy about the pattern, but I LOVE the shape of that creamer and sugar.


Becky said...

That cream and sugar are a cool shape.

Our Sunday dishes were always the good china, crystal and silver. My Mom always had us using those so we'd know proper etiquette for such things when we left home. Sunday dinner (at lunchtime after church) was always the most elaborate meal of the week. And what's kinda odd is that we all liked it. That was the one meal of the week where we'd fight TO get to set the table and such. And we didn't eat formally any other time.

Mom's china was Rosalinde by Haviland. She had a service for either 16 or 24. I can't quite recall at the moment. But it's all packed up and taking up most of my guest bedroom closet as she has given it to the girls.

Ms. Val said...

Becky, these weren't our Sunday dishes. They were our everyday dishes. And if memory serves, they got used right up through the '80s.

"Sunday Dishes" is just what I call the (mostly) weekly dish post, which features some aspect of my collection.