Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday 13

I used to do a Thursday 13 list with great regularity. But for some reason--probably lack of inspiration--their frequency has waned. Sometimes, these lists would have a theme, but mostly they were just potpourri. Today's list falls in the latter category.

1. My birthday is coming up in a month. Usually, we celebrate by going to a nice restaurant. But this year, I decided the we should do something different. So we are going to a Suns game. The boys are jazzed. Now to find affordable tickets...

2. When Q was driving home from work on Monday, the hubcap fell off our Dodge. He was able to recover it, but it was cracked and will need to be replaced. In the meantime, I refuse to drive that car with a missing hubcap. Yes, I really am that vain!

3. This house recently went on the market. Located in the Moon Valley area of Phoenix, it appears to have a strong Frank Lloyd Wright influence. If circumstances allowed, I would want us to consider buying it.

4. I have a great schedule this semester. I only have to drive to Scottsdale on Mondays and Wednesdays. My Tuesday-Thursday Geology class is at the campus just down the road from our house. But the best part is that my weekends begin at 9:45 on Thursday morning.
5. Since joining the gym this past August, I have lost 15 pounds. Not that I'm bragging or anything...

6. We eat Mexican food no less than three times a week.

7. I'm trying really hard to not hassle Kyle about having long shaggy hair. He's a very well behaved boy. He's very responsible, and has made Honor Roll all year. I really should let this one issue go. That would be much easier if he didn't complain mightily about me and Q holding hands in public.

8. I'm bummed that CBS cancelled Swingtown. At least Bravo shows it in daylong marathons from time to time.

9. I'm even more bummed that the Arizona Cardinals lost the Super Bowl. At least they played strong and made the Pittsburgh Steelers work hard for the win. In fact, I found the whole season quite entertaining...and I'm not even a football fan.

10. I am easily amused by mislisted eBay auctions...such as this one. Attention dinneware sellers: know your Stones!

11. I am officially done decorating and organizing the laundry room. I now have my sights set on redoing the boys' bathroom.

12. Lucas likes to read over my shoulder when I type.
13. I can't wait until April 14.


RainbowDishes said...

10. I am easily amused by mislisted eBay auctions...such as this one. Attention dinneware sellers: know your Stones! That auction is a perfect example of somebody I would never buy from. First off, that picture puts me to sleep. And yes, that picture really does make Apricot look like a band-aid color. BORING

And with this included in the auction text, "I strongly recommend you purchase insurance for your item. Once the item is shipped it is no longer in my possession or control, and as per eBay, I cannot be held responsible for damage. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish buy the insurance.", that really scares me. It says the shipping would be $9.61. They must not have realized how much that all weighs, because there is no way that shipping would even be close to that price. So I am pretty sure they are going to do a lousy job in packing that.

Plus, I just don't care for Apricot that much.


As for #3...very nice house.

Ms. Val said...

Craig, the only Apricot I own is a place setting...and I traded my salad plate to Kelly because she had more use for it than I did.

And yes, that house is great. And it appears to be mostly original. Such a house is hard to find around here. So many post-war modern houses from have been remodeled with touches of travertine tile, canterra stone, wrought iron scroll work, and heavy crown moulding.

While those materials look nice in certain applications, they are WRONG for modern architecture.