Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Embarrassing!

After 16 years of marriage, Q and I are still quite happy. So much so, in fact, that we still hold hands in public.

Recently, we took the boys to the movies. After parking the car, I took Q's hand and we walked toward the theatre.

Kyle apparently had a problem with this. He began ranting about how we're "totally embarrassing him" and that "everyone's staring at us".

I told Kyle that he's the only one who has a problem with this. Everyone in that parking lot was too wrapped up in their own lives to care what Q and I were doing. Lucas wasn't complaining, either.
Furthermore, he should be grateful that his parents still even like each other. With many of his friends' parents, that's not the case.

And I reminded him that it could be worse. His dad and I could be making out with tongues!

Or worse still: we could be holding hands with other people.

Seriously. A little G-rated PDA between Mom and Dad never hurt anyone. Anyway, I think it's healthy for kids to see their parents being affectionate with one another.

But while we're on the subject of embarrassement, let's talk about that hairstyle. Kyle thinks it looks cool. I think it makes him look like the kid brother of the Free Credit Report dot com guy.

I also think it makes me look like a neglectful parent who can't be bothered with the time and expense to take her kid to Supercuts.

But for the time being, this is not a battle that I care to fight.