Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cookie Dough Dessert Sundae

On Saturday, Q and I were watching Food Network, and a guy was making dessert pizzas with undercooked cookie dough and ice cream. We decided to try a variation of this recipe on our own. The results were scrumptious.

Take a blob of chocolate chip cookie dough, and mush it to the bottom of an oven-safe dish. We used Fiesta ramekins, but I found them to be too small. Next time, I'll either use the oval bakers (when I buy a few more) or the mini pie bakers.

Bake until the cookies are not quite done. We used a store bought dough, and this particular brand took 12 minutes at 350.

Allow the ramekins to cool before adding ice cream (this was very difficult with three helicopter children hovering about). We used a Dreyer's flavor called Vanilla Sandwich. Additional toppings included Magic Shell and whipped cream. As you notice, Luke took off with his dessert before I could snap the final picture.

These pics don't do this recipe justice. Our camera is still missing (has been for almost 2 weeks) and I used my cell phone.


Becky said...

Val, those look great! I have to be really careful with sweets these days, so I'm thinking the ramekins would probably be perfect here. Thanks so much for posting about them.

RainbowDishes said...

Very cool, I will definitely have to try these sometime. A restaurant here serves something just like this for dessert. But the price is outrageous, if I remember correctly, it is almost $10 just for that.