Monday, September 01, 2008

Forced Home Improvement

Whenever we decide to embark on a home improvement project, ideas usually consist of fun stuff like redoing the downstairs bathroom, installing wood floors, or planting flowers. Never have I turned to Q and suggested that we replace the wood slats in the back gate. That changed after Friday's storm.

Here's how the gate looked before. We decided to replace all the planks for several reasons.

Upon close inspection, we discovered that most of the old planks were so split that they they were barely holding on. In fact, the wind probably should have blown off more than it did. Also, one brand new cedar slat would have look garish amid the black and grayed wood.

Besides, the house is almost 10 years old. It was time.

And here's the almost-finished product. The openings at both ends of both gates are about an inch narrower than those on the rest of the gate. Q doesn't have the necessary saw to trim wood vertically so he's going to seek out a buddy who has one.

The only suitable wood material Lowes had to offer were dog-eared fence boards. We had to mark and saw off the top of the plank to get the proper fit. While we did that, the boys unscrewed and removed the old wood.

Second, we had to stain each piece We chose an Olympic Waterproofing Sealant with a cedar-toned colorant.

Lastly, we drilled the holes, and screwed the boards into place. From start-to-finish, the whole project only took an afternoon, and cost around $50.
Now, I'm hoping our next door neighbors will redo their gate, too. :-)


Dan said...

Actually, that's a very nice renovated gate, incorporating both wood into the metal. Quite unique.

I'll have to look into that next time.


RainbowDishes said...

Wow, the new gate looks very nice. I love the use of the wood and metal together.