Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday is the new Friday

Between my full time schedule, homework, errands, and gym visits, I'm finding it hard to post during the week. Anyway, I have Fridays off, and I NEED that day to get a jump start on a few design assignments that are due Monday.

Here's a synopsis of the week:

In Space Planning, we have to measure, draw, and dimension floorplans of our kitchens. I started the project by visiting our home builder's website and printing out a copy of our house plan to use as a guide. When a classmate saw what I was doing, he did the same thing for his house. I was flattered.

In CAD, everyone always seems to have questions that which range from file retrieval to font styles. Sometimes we ask the person next to us. But there are some real posers that only the instructor can answer. As such, she spends most of the period running from desk to desk, criss-crossing the room like Phil Donahue with a microphone.

Anyway, a few students have discovered that I can be almost as helpful as the teacher (and I do mean "almost". I can't answer them all). They'll roll their chairs across the room just to ask me a for help. Again, I'm flattered.

Drawing and Rendering has become known as the "cha-ching class" because we'll be spending a lot of money on tools and supplies. Some of these items are rather pricey and only available at art supply stores.

There aren't many such places in the Valley, and those we do have are located only in central Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale (but not near the freeway, and therefore not convenient). Michael's has some professional supplies, but they cater mostly to knitters, scrapbookers, and scout troops. I have a feeling I'll be frequenting the Dick Blick website almost as much as the gas station.

In Decorative Arts, a lecture on 16th and 17th century trade between China and Europe turned into a big discussion on dishes and pottery. We talked about Ming porcelain, celadon, Blue Willow, earthenware, ceramic, cloisonne, and many other heavily traded wares. Needless to say, I was a VERY captive audience.

On Tuesday, the Decorative Arts class is taking a field trip to the Phoenix Art Museum. Big yay! And since they don't open until 10, I get to leave late and avoid the inbound commuter traffic. Double yay!!!


decolady said...

Decorative Arts sounds like a lot of fun!