Monday, August 13, 2007

Wood Floor Installation: Day 4

Today, we got a REALLY late start on the floors. For one thing, today was the boys' first day of school.

Also, amid all the construction, the chores have been neglected. The house was a mess (still is) and the laundry really needed to be done. I knew I was in real trouble last night when Lucas was putting out his next day's clothes and he infomed me that he can't find any of his "good shorts".

We also had to drop the car off at the shop, go to the bank, take Q to the eye doctor, pick up some silicone at the hardware store, get a quick lunch, pick up the car at the shop, buy a new drill at Home Depot, and drop a prescription off at the pharmacy.

By the time we got home, it was past 2:00, and work on the floors finally began. Today's work consisted of installing quarter-round at the base of the perimeter walls, and T-moulding where the wood meets the tile.

After the trim work was done, we were able to bring furniture back to the living room.

We shoved old towels and sheets under the cabinets so we could slide them across the new floor without gouging it.

We got most of the big stuff moved in, but the accessories will have to wait until tomorrow. My feet hurt.


Waldo's Home said...

Great looking job. Jim would be proud of you. It looks great and it appears that you didn't have any major problems (unlike your dad sawing the tips off his fingers when he did our pergo floor!). That was when he also had room left over on the last strip that was not wide enough for an entire board. I'm glad you went to a carpenter for help.

Ces said...

I am jealous. I love your beautiful new floor!

Ms. Val said...

Ouch...I don't remember Jim sawing the tips off his fingers! Q asked Tim for help because we didn't have the right saw for that part of the job, and Tim did.

Thank you, Ces. That carpet needed to be replaced--badly. Now, we're anxious to replace the carpet in the family room and den. The carpet in the den is worse than the living room was, but since it's a more private room, it's lower priorty.