Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wood Floor Installation: Day 3

'Sunday Dishes' will return next week, as we continue our ongoing series on re-flooring the living room. Or might write a dish post mid-week. It's my blog, and I can do whatever I want!

As Day 3 begins, we start by unloading wood planks and arranging them by size.

The name of the glue we used is Titebond. And they're not kidding because when Q wanted to remove a plank to adjust it, he couldn't. That piece is in there for GOOD! BTW, hon, I will give you $5 if you shave. Please.

One of MANY breaks. It was 113 degrees outside. Even with the air conditioning on inside these frequent water breaks were necessary.

As this is our first time installing wood flooring, there's bound to be one big screw-up. In this case, we had a 1 1/2+ inch gap left between the last full-width row and the wall. This gap was too big to be covered by quarter-round moulding. The only fix was to cut several boards lengthwise to fit into this area. So, Q called his buddy Tim, a carpenter, who owns a saw necessary for this job.

After a trip to Tim's house, we had enough 1 inch wide strips to fit into the last row. The rest will be covered with quarter-round. Luckily, this area will mostly be covered up by a couch or the wall unit...depending on how I choose to arrange the room.

It's looking good, but we're a long way from done. We still have to install the T-moulding where the wood meets the tile and put quarter-round where the wood meets three walls.

The boys love doing the dirty work! Here, we're ripping the old carpet pad into small pieces, and bagging them up for easier removal. Tomorrow is trash day and since there was still room in the can, I wanted to get as much pad into the can as would fit. I'm not sure if those spots are the result of floating dust particles or a dirty camera lens. I have a feeling it's dust because I took a dozen other pictures that didn't do that. And that pad ripping really was a dirty job!


Menchie said...

Boy, you guys are going all out! I can't imagine tackling a project like this by ourselves.

You've gone and done a great job so far! Looks professional. :D