Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wood Floor Installation: Day 2

The first two pictures were actually taken at the end of yesterday. We did more demolition after Q came home from work.

Removing carpet is like picking at a giant zit. Once you start, you don't want to stop until all the crap is gone. Kyle's having a real good time at this job!

We got lucky that the carpet and the pad came up very easily. The pad was held down by what looked like Elmer's School Glue squirted into a giant zig-zag pattern. Qualitywise, I don't think that's a good thing. But it did make for easy removal. We just had to scrape a few areas to remove some stuck-on bits of the foam rubber pad.

The top of the carpet was bad, but the underside was WAY worse. I don't know what that stain was. I don't remember anything ever being spilled in that particular location. When we were maneuvering the carpet around, giant plumes of dust would puff up into our faces. Translation: nobody's going to bed without taking a shower...or at least jumping in the pool.

Ah, cement. Lovely cement. Notice the white painted areas with the line through each one. The builders rested the interior doors in this room while they spray painted them. I'm sure there are other spots like this throughout the house.

Installing the underlayment/sound buffer. This stuff was a little cumbersome to work with. It's certainly not as easy as putting contact paper in your silverware drawer. We used Q's weights to keep the edges from lifting up.

We did a rough pattern layout for the first three rows of wood.

Lucas took this picture. He thinks there's a ghost in our house.

The end of workday #2, and we are almost half done! Yes, that is a layer of carpet dust on the roll-top desk. That's really going to be fun to clean out of those little grooves.
So far, we are running quite a bit ahead of schedule. We didn't expect to be laying wood until Monday. In fact, Q had scheduled to take the day off just for that reason. That, and to go to the eye doctor. No worries. After he picks out his new glasses and buys me lunch, we can go to Lowe's and look at flooring for our next project--tiling the den! :-)~