Wednesday, July 01, 2009

One More Week...

This time next week, I will be heading out for the annual HLCCA Conference in Pittsburgh. The trip will start in Indianapolis, where Craig will pick me up. We will then hit the road for a weekend of...

Meeting cyber friends for real

Buying Fiestaware

Dressing like hippies

Visiting four different states: Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Introducing Craig to the musical stylings of Jefferson Starship.

Food, fun, and folly.

Visiting and touring the factory where Fiestaware is made.

Buying MORE Fiestaware!

Antiquing with people who actually enjoy it.

Touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater masterpiece.

This trip is going to be a BLAST!


Anonymous said...

Have a great time, Val! I know you will. Travel safely.
Pat (MIL-Mother-In-Law)

Ms. Val said...

Thank's Pat. Is it terrible that I'm looking forward to Fallingwater more than the Fiesta/dish stuff?