Friday, July 03, 2009

Errand Day

It's errand day! Kyle is going to the new water park with his friend so the rest of us are heading out for an all day trek to the stores.

Our day will include stops at:

--Party City: Hoping they have some round-frame John Lennon style hippie glasses. I struck out at the other two PC stores I checked. I saw them at the Bell Road store recently, but didn't buy them at the time. These are for Thursday's 60's-themed mixer in Pittsburgh.

--BevMo: Cinnamon schanpps. Our grocery store doesn't have any that costs less than $20.

--Barnes & Noble: The new issue of Modernism magazine is out and I'll need something to read on the plane.

--Target: New cooler for weekend pool parties.

--Best Buy for a new camera. Our old one broke last week (if Q couldn't fix it, nobody could) and we NEED a new one for my Pittsburgh trip and our vacation in California later this month.

--Dillards: Seeking the new Lemongrass Fiesta

--Dick's Sporting Goods: Lucas likes looking at the baseball equipment, and I promised him a new Under Armour t-shirt. Also, I have a coupon.

--Trader Joes: Tamales, veggie pizza, cereal, and ??????

Good thing all these stores are located on Bell Road in north Glendale.