Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Clarvoyant iPod?

Today was the last day of my algebra class. Just like the other students, I waited while the instructor graded it. He also gave us our final grades at that time.

I got a B in the class. A B!!!!! A big, bad @$$ B!!!!! I was shocked. And thrilled. Considering the rough start I had in the class, I would have been happy with a C.

Trembling, I bade the teacher farewell and stumbled out of the classroom. Once outside, I called Q (for the last month, he'd had a front row seat to my math-fueled anxiety attacks). After he heaped on the accolades, I started the car and turned on my iPod.

The song that was playing? "It's a Miracle" by the Culture Club.

Definitely an appropriate song for the moment!


~M said...

Great Job, Val!! I had a feeling you could do it. LOL
Algebra is NOT my strong suit. UGH...I hate it!

Ms. Val said...

I still can't believe I pulled this off. I was ready to drop the class at one point. I will reward myself in Pittsburgh. Oh yes. I will.