Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Vacation Has Just Begun

Q and the boys had been home for the better part of the last two weeks. They are now back at work and school. That means:

--No more whining about being bored.
--No more hasty, last minute cleaning because people are coming over.
--No more fighting over who gets to play Guitar Hero next.
--No more complaining when I want to stop in Macy's to look at the dishes. (I didn't force anyone to come shopping with me. They got in the car voluntarily.)
--No more afternoons filled with wall-to-wall Monk reruns!!!!!!

And now, it's my turn. I get my own vacation--a nice, two-week reprieve before the spring semester starts. I can:

--Sit in my jammies and listen to The Adam Carolla Show without being interrupted by someone needing help finding their shoes.
--Go to the antique mall without having to tack on a detour to GameStop.
--Go to the antique mall without being rushed.
--Go to the antique mall, period.
--Watch Desperate Housewives reruns in the afternoons. They're currently playing Season 3 on Lifetime.
--Clean a room and enjoy its uncluttered glory for at least a few hours.
--Go to IKEA (thanks for the gift card, Pat) and look for kitchen storage accessories and closet shelving.
--Drive into the city and enjoy a nice lunch with Q. After he goes back to his office, I might stay in town and hit a few consignment shops.
--Read one of my new-old architecture books in peace and quiet.


~M said...

Have Fun, Val. I'm sure your time alone will be very nice! Just don't get into too much trouble :)

RainbowDishes said...

Maybe you could find Monk on DVD, that was you could enjoy Monk 24/7. hehehe Sorry, I wouldn't wish that on anybody, human or mormon.

Becky said...

Enjoy your vacation Val. It sounds wonderful

Ms. Val said...

Thanks. I'd better enjoy it now because once the semester starts, any down time I have will be few and far between.

Are you kidding me?!?!?! That's the last thing I want. Anyway, who needs a DVD? It's been my experience that Monk is never not on!

Thank you. After the grind of the fall semester, and the rush of last minute Christmas preparations, I NEED the break.