Monday, September 29, 2008

More 'DH' Observations

--Mike and Susan were driving a Cadillac Escalade? I never thought of them as the type who would pick such a flashy ride. I didn't know plumbing paid so well.

--I'm glad this show is continuing the tradition of naked people falling out of open windows.

--It's nice to see Bob and Lee are still around. I just hope these two get a real storyline this season, and aren't relegated to bitchy diatribes and gay pop culture references.

--First a plumber, now a painter. Susan must really have a thing for men in the trades.

--One of Bree's identifying qualities is her meticulous housekeeping skills. So how did such a painstaking organizer allow a sipper cup to be tossed in a drawer with the wire wisks? I know it was a plot device, but still...

--I would like to see the Zack Young storyline resolved.

--More Mrs. McClusky, please.