Sunday, September 28, 2008

'Desperate Housewives' Premier Observations

--Somehow, I just knew Mike wasn't dead, in jail, in a vegetative state, or otherwise MIA. The writers have taken us down all these roads before.

--So, what about Carlos? Was his blindness the temporary soap opera variety, or is it the real deal?

--I knew something bad was going to happen to Tom's Mustang. I just didn't think he'd inflict the wound himself. By the way, that kick he made to the driver's door was WEAK! I've seen more body damage done with a sack of groceries.

--It looks like Gabby had a case of temporary soap opera infertility. She recovered quite nicely.

--Normally I'm a Bree fan, but seeing Katherine put her on the spot was priceless. Spin that sugar, Bree!

--The only characters who aged in the last 5 years seem to be the Scavo twins. Carlos and Orson got some token gray in their hair, but even that will be gone by mid-season.

--I was surprised to see Gabby still driving the Maserati convertible. Her wardrobe and hair had gotten so dowdy that I thought her car would follow suit.

--And speaking of Gabby, making her daughter chase the car was cruel...even if the child did need the exercise. Where was that woman who accosted Lynette when she kicked the petulant P's out of her minivan in Season 1?

--Mrs. McClusky's remark about Edie meeting her husband at the free clinic...ZING!

--Mike and Susan's divorce won't last. They'll be back together by mid-season.

--So, Baby Maynard became MJ. Decent compromise.

--And where was Katherine's husband, Adam? They seemed to be on the road to reconciliation at the end of last season.

--I'd like to know whatever became of Tom and Lynette's other kids...especially Kayla. I suppose not all questions can be answered in one night.

--It looks like this season's mystery story involves Edie and her new husband (sorry, I forgot the guy's name). Q has predicted that he's the widower of the mother and child who were killed in the car accident that involved Mike and Susan.

More to come...


Christopher said...

I found last night's episode of DH and Brothers & Sisters more than a little depressing. Everyone's lives had taken such a sad turn. With the state of the world being what it is, I could use a little escapism.

I think Q is right on with his theory, by the way.

Lucas said...

Mom, when you were in that room, eyes rappidly switching from tv - observaton notes - tv - observation notes etc. (oh, wour eyers were occasionally going to the computer screen, too

But what i wanted to say was YOU LOOKED LIKE DAD, DURING THE 2001 WORLD SIERIES (even though i dont blame hin) WITH YOUR "TRUSTY" ' SCORE CARD/OBSERVATON NOTES OUT!

Im sorry, but i just cant help myself when i find even the tiniest thing wrong, i tell the world that its there.

Ms. Val said...

I'd hardly call Gabby's life sad. It may be a tiny bit more chaotic and a LOT less plastic, but hardly sad.

You bring a brand of comic relief that! this blog is sorely lacking. Keep it coming, Hon!

Ms. Val said...

But what i wanted to say was YOU LOOKED LIKE DAD, DURING THE 2001 WORLD SIERIES (even though i dont blame hin) WITH YOUR "TRUSTY" ' SCORE CARD/OBSERVATON NOTES OUT!

Lucas, you forgot the way I kept having to shush you guys whenever you chitchatted over the show.

soleil said...

Interesting observations.

I was surprised (kinda of) that Mike wasn't dead.

I was wondering where the other Scavo kids were too. Didn't they ship Kayla off a few years ago to live w/ some grandparent's or something? Maybe she'll be out of the picture for a while... if she stayed w/ the grandparents.

Gabby's chubby daughter is ridiculous. No way that kid could ever be four years old! It was sad when Gabby made her chase the car.

Can't wait for the episode this Sunday!!!

Ms. Val said...

Soleil, As image-concious as Gabby is, I'm surprised she let her daughter get that big in the first place. Gabby doesn't strike me as the type to keep the freezer stocked with Popsicles and Klondike Bars. Carlos, maybe, but I also think Gabby could excert control of the grocery list.

I'm sure Kayla stayed with the granparents, but if the twins are 16, Kayla should be close to college age by now. Somehow, I don't think she quietly went away forever.