Monday, August 18, 2008

A Family Experiment

This is my last week at home before classes start. This semseter, I'm taking a full course load (12 credits), and two of my classes start at 8:30. Since I have a 30 mile commute in rush hour traffic, I'll need to leave the house before anyone else.

Because of carpool, Q also needs leave early. As a result, the boys will be responsible for getting themselves off to school.

That's where the experiment comes in. Every morning this week, I'm going to lock myself in my room and see how the boys do on their own. I'll be there, but I won't be there. I'll get up long enough to pack snacks and make sure everyone's getting their breakfast. But by 7, I'll retreat to my bed and tune in to The Adam Carolla Show. It will be as if I'm not home.

I know they're old enough to handle this. Many of their friends have been playing the latchkey game for years.

Today wasn't too bad. At 7:30, Lucas came in and needed his reading sheet signed. I reminded him that next time he'll have to catch me earlier. Or the night before. Preferably the night before.

At 7:45, I went downstairs and checked the garage. Kyle's bike was gone so he obviously gave himself plenty of time (school starts at 8:15). Lucas had also left in time to catch the bus.

The only things I found wrong were that the kitchen and dining room lights had been left on. That's not a big deal, but the front and back doors had been left unlocked as well.

We live in a very safe neighborhood, but that can't continue. I'm glad today was just a dry run.

If it doesn't work out, Q will just have to stop carpooling! :-)