Monday, August 18, 2008

A-Z Questions

Just like Craig, I'm not feeling particularly inspired about blogging. I like to think that it's just a temporary dry spell. In the meantime I'm going to fill out the same questionnaire that he did.
A. attached or single? Firmly attached

B. best friend? See above

C. cake or pie? Cake...chocolate with whipped cream cheese frosting.

D. day of choice? Friday

E. essential item? Debit card

F. favorite color? I have two: PINK and everything else (a la Fiesta dinnerware)

G. gummy bears or worms? Worms...the sour kind with sugar coating

H. hometown? Phoenix

I. favorite indulgence? Coach handbags. I like to remind Q that he's lucky I'm not a jewelry girl.

J. January or July? January...July is uncomfortably hot around here.

K. kids? Two boys

L. life isn't complete without? A reason to leave the house in the morning.

M. marriage date? October 26, 1991

N. number of brothers & sisters? 1 sister

O. oranges or apples? Yes

P. phobias? Widowhood

Q. quotes? I saw this one on a dish collectors message board: "Our grandmothers owned it. Our mothers threw it away. We're buying it back." I'm thinking of making it into a sign.

R. reasons to smile? Someones about to take your picture; both kids make honor roll; waking up and the first thing I see is Jango quietly watching me; Lucas scoops out the litter box without being told to do so; a great hair day.

S. season of choice? Late winter in Phoenix...perfect convertible weather.

T. tag seven peeps! I can't. Most of the people who read this blog have already done this meme (or a variation of it). Those who haven't think they're above this sort of thing.

U. unknown fact about me? I memorize the letter portion my friends', neighbors', and acquaintance's license plates.

V. vegetable? Carrots

W. worst habits? Being bossy, talking to myself, bragging, oneupsmanship.

X. x-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound...I equate these with pregnancy--a happy occasion. X-rays are almost never good.

Y. your favorite food? This week? Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.

Z. zodiac sign? Pisces


RainbowDishes said...

U. unknown fact about me? I memorize the letter portion my friends', neighbors', and acquaintance's license plates.

I am very bad about this. I used to memorize license plates, telephone numbers or anything else to do with numbers. I have always been fascinated by numbers. I always thought I was weird because whenever I see a number, I automatically break the number down and count how many bars it takes to make that number show up on a digital clock. (3 takes 5 bars, 4 takes 4 bars, 7 takes 3 bars) My mind then keeps adding up the numbers, the number of bars and other odd numbers and I always keep the process going until I end up with a one digit number. (Long numbers (telephone or social security) take a lot longer obviously, but it helps keep my mind occupied). But last year I met another guy who does the same thing. Of course, that topic just doesn't usually pop up in conversation, but it was interesting to meet somebody who is obsessed with numbers too. OK, I will stop now, I think I might have said way too much about myself! LOL

Ms. Val said...

I'm bad with numbers. With the advent of internal phone books and contact lists, I haven't memorized a phone number in forever.

Q's office changed all the employees phone numbers a few years ago, and I still haven't memorized his. He's always "#3 on speed dial". When I was filling out parent information/contact sheets for the boys' teachers, I had to refer to the cell phone for Q's office number.