Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boring Day

I hate days like today. I was supposed attend jury duty. I scheduled no appointments and made no plans, knowing that it would take the entire day.

Yesterday, I called the jury hotline, as was instructed on the summons. According to the recording, every group scheduled for Wednesday, August 20 had been excused.

Apparently, there were no trials on the docket at the Surprise branch of Maricopa County Superior Court.

This is the third time that this has happened.

I should have been relieved. I mean, most people expend great effort to get out of jury duty. As for me, I was looking forward to it. The date chosen wasn't interfering with work or school. Jury duty is a process that I want to experience first hand, at least once.

So, with nothing to do, I went to the mall. I checked out the Fiesta selections at Dillard's and Macy's. Neither store had anything I had to have. There were no big sales on canisters, and neither store had pizza platters in stock.

I also checked out the summer clearance racks. Same story. I found nothing worth my money. I'm a little old to be sporting the backless/strapless look to school.
It didn't help matters that I chose to go to Arrowhead Mall in Glendale. Their store offerings cater mostly to toddlers, pregnant women, or teenagers. Or pregnant teenagers with toddlers.