Saturday, August 23, 2008

eCard Meme Madness

I "borrowed" this meme from Craig at RainbowDishes. The idea is to find 5 eCards from that describe you. And since I have a very difficult time staying within given limits, I chose a whole bunch more than 5.

This one's for Q.

My contribution to the meal is the dishes on which we eat it.

See above.

This is squarely directed at someone I know. Can't say who because I'm quite certain that this person reads this blog.

Jefferson Starship, anyone?

Yes, the years have hardened me.

I thought of Mark G. when I saw this one.


DS Mark said...

LOL! Lovin' the last two!!

RainbowDishes said...

LOL!!! Great choices for you. I was hoping you were going to do this one. I was very curious as to which ones you would choose. I am probably going to go through and pick some new ones (there are way too many to choose from!)

I might be making this a new monthly thing, I really like a lot of their "ecards"

Ms. Val said...

I knew you would.

I'm a long way from done, too. I might have to choose this one again. Just like the A-Z questions, my answers could change from week to week.