Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arizona Rain Dance

It doesn't rain in Phoenix very often, but it did yesterday. The showers were unexpected and very brief, but I did manage to get caught in a downpour. Here's how to ensure that it will rain:

--Carry a suede purse.

--Have a really good hair day.

--Wash your car. Rain chances will more than triple if you go to the auto spa and spring for the VIP Platinum service instead of doing it yourself at home.

--Set a few newly washed cashmere sweaters outside to dry, and forget about them.

--Leave the convertible parked with the top down.

--Wear your favorite leather sandals.

--Forget to close the windows before leaving for the day.

--Accidentally leave your umbrella in your husband's/friend's/sister's/boss's car.

--Run the sprinklers and water all plants.

Additional ideas would be appreciated. We could sure use more rain here.