Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13: The eBay Edition

Thirteen items I have bought on eBay:

1. Video games. Buying used video games saves big money. The trick is getting the boys to wait for the package to arrive in the mail.

2. College textbooks. I was too lazy to drive to the campus bookstore. Anyway, I think I saved a few dollars this way.

3. Legoland passes. The savings was considerable.

4. Dishes. Lots and LOTS and LOTS of dishes. I wouldn't have a Harlequin collection without eBay.

5. Cell phone accessories. Cheaper than going to the Verizon long as you can find a seller who doesn't charge inflated shipping fees.

6. Glow stick bracelets. I give these out at Halloween instead of candy.

7. A Genie Wireless Keypad. The boys haven't been locked out since we installed this thing.

8. Clothing. Ebay is a great way to get gently-worn designer items for a pennies on the dollar. It also beats facing disappointment when the Anthropologie sale rack has nothing cute in your size.

9. Yu-Gi-Oh cards. These are now sitting at the bottom of a drawer.

10. Pink Legos. Years ago, Kyle wanted more variety for the Lego City he was building. The city has since been dismantled, but he still has the little house I built using the pink Legos. It's now covered in dust.

11. A leaf canister for the pool. What did we ever do without this thing?

12. Vacuum cleaner filters. I couldn't find them locally.

13. A St. Joseph statue that you bury in the ground when you're trying to sell a house. And yes, it worked.