Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello, Diction Police...

The other day, I heard a radio commercial in which a semi-famous, basic cable TV house flipper was selling copies of his book. Or was it a tape? Or a book on tape? Whatever.

Anyway, the guy began giving his "rags to riches" testimonial in which he stated that years ago, he rolled into town on his "last tank of gas".

This got me thinking, and I realized something: I'm on my last tank of gas too!!!! After the current tank is empty, there is no more. I don't keep spare gas in the trunk with the spare tire. And I don't keep a private cache of regular unleaded stashed in a shed out back.

No, I will have to drive to the corner station for a fill-up. In fact, pretty much everyone I know is in that same boat.

Obviously, the book flipper guy was trying to convey that he was broke. If that was truly the case, he should have substituted the word "TANK" with "GALLON". Even Lucas--with his 4th grade public school education--was able to make that deduction.

I'm certainly not immune to incorrect word use. I'm even guilty of the occasional typo myself. But I'm not the one who's out there trying to hawk a product. My words are not meant to be heard/seen/read by millions of listeners/watchers/readers.

Attention to detail, People. Choose your words wisely and edit your material with a fine toothed comb. Correct any and all errors before exposing your work to the public at large. Anything less makes you appear apathetic and uneducated.

*The preceeding message was edited no fewer than seven eight nine ten times since its initial posting.