Wednesday, December 12, 2007


For real this time. Today is my first real day at home, and I'm loving it! Not so much the "being at home" part, but the "not having to stress about homework and tests" part.

The only part I'm having trouble with is getting my considerable posterior off the couch to clean house. I'd rather just sit at my computer, decompress, and listen to The Adam Carolla Show.

I'll get moving soon. I have to. Today is my bi-annual Throw Out All School Papers Day. This is a chore that requires my bringing the recycling bin up to the kitchen door. This is certainly easier than hauling the stuff out to the yard. Yes, there is that much of it. I keep absolutely everything.

This, by the way, turned to be a good thing. In lieu of a final exam, my CAD teacher had us gather up all of our graded assignments, organize them in a folder, and submit them for review. Most of the students cringed when he made that announcement. There was a sudden mad dash to reprint stuff. No problem for me there! In fact, I got an A in the class.

The paper toss process is quite theraputic. That is, when I get around to it.