Monday, November 05, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Earlier, I was doing some early Christmas shopping on I was looking for Arizona reference books for a certain family member when I found this little oddity:

I'm quite perplexed as to how a publisher could see past such a glaring error--and on the cover, no less! This is more than a simple typo.

But then, I suppose not everyone is as big of a geography nerd as I am. Except for maybe my dad. I'm quite certain I got it from him. And now, I'm passing it on to Lucas.

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying this book for the comic relief. I can get a used copy for $.01, plus shipping, and I'm sure Luke will get a kick out of it. He might enjoy the subject matter, too.

Mark G. posted a similar goof on his blog about a week ago.


denise price said...

I know, I know!!!

They have the state facing the wrong way on the cover!!! At first I thought it was the wrong state but I looked at a map of the USA and they just have it facing the wrong way, which is just as bad!
So which piece of your Fiesta do I get Val!!!

Ms. Val said...

Check again, Denise. Specifically, look in the southeast...just north of Louisiana.

Your prize is a periwinkle teacup.

denise said...

Arkansas?? At least it started with an A - that was a pitiful job the publisher did- You should be a teacher- but I think that is a job for masochists-
Periwinkle teacup-oh joy-you're just trying to get rid of it! lol!!

Ms. Val said...

Yep...Arkansas. And no, I wouldn't want to be a teacher. I can barely handle 4 kids in my house for an afternoon of video games. There's no way I could take on 20+ for an entire day...EVERYDAY!

And you're right about the periwinkle teacups. I got them in a lot with some lilac, juniper, and apricot.

Mark G. said...

Wow. What is really sad is more than one person had to have seen this before it went to print. Shameful!!

Ms. Val said...

Mark, if I was the writer, I'd be livid! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that writers don't always have a say on the cover art of their books.

BTW, is your grocery store still selling mispackaged burger buns?

Mark G. said...

A good publisher would have let the author see the cover before it went to print. Considering the screwup, I doubt this was a good publisher.