Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yeah, DUH!

I was passing through Macy's the other night when I had to make a little detour. I found this sign hanging in every stall of the ladies' room:

Is this really necessary? Now, I do realize that this is one of the few multi-stall bathrooms around here that hasn't adopted that nifty motion sensor flusher technology. And I realize that much of the general populous has grown used to said sensors. But do we need a little paper sign reminding us that--in this particular public bathroom--we have to do the flushing ourselves?
Besides, most of us still have manual flushers in our homes. So we don't exactly need to be reminded as to when and how to use them.
This sign is akin to something one might find in a nursery school bathroom reminding children to wash their hands before returning to class. And when I'm shopping in a major department store, I don't care to be treated like a preschooler. I get enough of that from my color and design instructor.


Menchie said...

My daughter Faith hates the automatic flushers. Scares her and she refuses to pee in it. *sigh*

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, I just don't like the motion sensors when they go off multiple times.