Friday, August 31, 2007

Return To Childhood

A few months ago, I posted about Q's and my first house being for sale. It's no longer on the MLS, but that doesn't mean much. In this stagnant real estate market, the listing probably expired.

Anyway, after a busy week at school, I began the long holiday weekend by vegging out in front of the computer, and nosing around (something I do quite frequently). Today's search took me to Glendale, where I discovered that my childhood home is for sale.

Here's how the house looked when it was newly built in 1973. That's my dad doing yard work.

The grass has since been removed and replaced with rocks and desert plants. But the bars on the window are still there! Yes, that's me in the baby pool.

In the 70's, one of the big design trends was wall paneling hung on the diagonal.

It has been removed. Also, the pukey green carpet was replaced with ceramic tile.

The dining room in 1974. When choosing a color palette, I think my mom was inspired by a bag of M&M's. Also, my booster seat looks a just a bit unstable.

The dining room today. The cabinets are a nice new addition.

70's decor at its finest. I often wonder what posessed my mom to cover the ceiling with flocked velvet wallpaper. Those cabinets are begging to be stocked with Fiesta Ironstone.
The kitchen today. No more avocado green! I don't envy the poor sap who had to scrape the wallpaper off the ceiling.
I'm only showing the pantry shelves because my dad built them. In fact, I think the entire pantry was an add-on. The shelves were painted yellow when we lived there. Also, the purple and burnt orange indoor/outdoor carpet squares have wisely been replaced.

The back yard looked so much nicer when my dad maintained it. Also, our swing set is long gone.

My baby room. That's me with my mom. Even then I liked pink.

My parents sold the house in 1981. In the years since, I often wondered what kind of changes the succeeding owners have done with place. I was especially curious as to whether that wallpaper was still on the kitchen ceiling.
It was nice to get a tour of the first house I remember living in. Lots of memories were stirred up. I just with the realtor's listing included pictures of my old room. I'm sure the pink gingham wallpaper is gone.


Christopher said...

Actually, I think the old dining room is hot!

Meredith said...

I have to agree with Christopher. I like the old house better.

kj said...

what a fun post. count me in also--the old house was way better. nothing like that era, anyway.

take care, val!

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, Meredith, and KJ:

I don't disagree. I just don't care for the peachy-apricot paint job in the dining room. It doesn't match the brown and orange striped wallpaper. Now, if Mom had continued the M&M theme and painted those walls bright green...or even avocado.

And Meredith, when you say you like the old house better, does that include the pukey green carpet? I just wish I had a picture of Mom and Dad's room with the funky blue and black space age wallpaper, and white fur bedspread.

Ces said...

What a heartwarming post but I feel a little sad just because the house is part of your life.

Ms. Val said...

Ces, the only thing I'm sad about is the condition of the back yard. It looks like the last time the lawn was fertilized, my dad did it.

Mark G. said...

This is so cool that you can see what your old house looks like today! Flocked velvet wallpaper is daring anywhere, but to put it on the ceiling?!? Your mom had guts!

Ms. Val said...

This is so cool that you can see what your old house looks like today!

Mark, just chalk it up to too much free time on a Thursday afternoon, coupled with an unhealthy fascination with local area real estate.