Thursday, August 30, 2007


This week in Color and Design, we were assigned to create a series of drawings that included a series of lines, and geometric shapes. Here's what I managed to slap together:

1. A 2-dimensional design using only straight, vertical and horizontal lines. Media: black marker.

2. A 2-dimensional design using varied lines, including curved, overlapping, and varying in size and direction. Media: colored markers.

3: A dramatic abstract collage using only geometric shapes drawn in varied arrangements. Media: colored markers. (If I had more time, I would have redone this one):

4: Use different organic form shapes to create a composition. Shapes are outlined in black and background areas are colored in. Media: black and colored markers. (This one is my favorite):

5. A 2-dimensional design that incorporates both line and shape. Media: student's choice. I threw this one together night before it was due. I misread the instructions and thought we only had to do four drawings. Luckily a girl in one of my classes told me we had five. The same girl suggested that I use construction paper instead of markers. I'm glad I listened because the design came together faster.

On the first day of class, we had to create an impromptu collage using geometric shapes. We were given 5 minutes at the end of class for this assignment. This is what I came up with:


Menchie said...

You did a pretty good job. It must be exciting to be in a class like that.

Waldo's Home said...

These designs just prove what I/ve known all along: You have a wonderful talent and constantly amaze me with your creative ideas. Great Job!

Ces said...

I like classes like these. It's almost like playing except it is very subjective and your grade depends on what your teacher sees, not how you see it.

Mark G. said...

I love the second one. Looks very mod!