Monday, April 02, 2007

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Those are among the reasons I haven't been posting lately. Also, I haven't been feeling particularly inspired, and it's been too darn nice outside to be cooped up at the computer.

My cousin got married last weekend. Q and I used this as an opportunity to allow the boys to stay home alone. They were given two choices: put on nice clothes, comb their hair, take a one hour car ride to Mesa, and sit still for long periods. Or they could stay home, and McDonald's while watching Cartoon Network in their underwear. Guess which option they chose.

The boys did quite well alone. They answered the phone only when Q or I called (we have our house phoned programmed to emit a special ring when the call comes in from Q's or my cell phone), and they didn't let anyone in the house. The only faux pas--if you can call it that--came when Kyle answered the door because a neighbor boy who came over to play apparently saw movement in the front window. Well, he was not going to quit ringing the doorbell until it was answered. After he sent his friend away, Kyle felt guilty enough to call me and confess his sin. I promised that I wouldn't chuck his Nintendo Wii into the pool.

The wedding was nice, and I didn't even get drunk on free booze...although I smelled like it when my sister accidently spilled half of her glass of wine on me. My dress was black so it was no big deal.

The following day, Q had to fly to Minnesota to attend his grandmother's funeral. She was 88 years old, and apparently passed on while taking a nap. I will remember Grandma Martha best for her handmade baby quilts. When I was pregnant with Kyle, she asked Q for a piece of the cartoon dinosaur wallpaper boarder I had used to decorate the nursery. Apparently, she sensed my disappointment when I didn't get the store-bought one for my baby shower.

Well, Grandma's blanket was way better. She had a friend of hers use fabric paint to copy the pattern onto cotton fabric, and used it make me the most beautiful lightweight baby quilt. In fact, Kyle would still be using that quilt if I let him. But earlier this year, I convinced him to let me put it away so it wouldn't become tattered. This will definately be an heirloom piece.

Wedding #2 was this weekend. I bought a new dress for this event because wearing the same outfit to both weddings would be positively gauche! Many of the same people attended both. Anyway, this time, my grandma got married. Her husband is a really nice man, who seems to really make her happy. This is the kind of happiness Grandma thought she'd never see again after Grandpa died 4 years ago.

The ceremony was held at the Wrigley Mansion--a posh locale perched atop a hill, offering sweeping views of downtown Phoenix. This place is breathtakingly beautiful and very grand--when compared to our suburban tract house. So much so that I felt a little self conscious driving up in our 6-year old Dodge with a cracked windshie. That feeling quickly passed when I spotted a Hyundai Accent at the valet station.

Anyway, for those who are still checking in, I will try to post more. Between, messy houses, report cards, finals, registration for the fall semester, taxes, Q's medical bills (we now call him the Half Million Dollar Man), and Phoenix traffic, I'm sure I'll find something to gripe about.


Menchie said...

Oh! I would have loved seeing pictures of you in your dresses!

Ms. Val said...

Hi, Menchie. I'll try to find some and post them. I know Q took the camera to the weddings.