Monday, March 19, 2007

Ms. Val's Bargain of the Week

A few days ago, I won this item on eBay:

In the auction, the gravy boat was listed as "vintage Bauer" and "similar to Fiestaware". My knowledge of vintage wares is mostly derived from reading numerous dinnerware collecting books, scanning online auctions, and information from the fine folks at Medium Green. From that, I was able to tell that this piece is, in fact, Fiesta. It's an Ironstone sauce boat in the turf green color. And yes, the piece does contain a few nicks, but they don't bother me. I'm strange that way. Anyway, I bid accordingly, and I got the sauce boat for only $.99, plus shipping. You can view the completed auction here.

The sauce boat arrived safe and sound in today's mail, and it sits proudly on display in my dining room. Now, the search is on for a piece of Ironstone in the mango red color.


Ces said...

99 cents!? What!!! I bet the shipping cost more but that is amazing!

Mark G. said...

Turf is such an odd Fiesta color. That reason alone makes it one of my faves.

In the days before eBay, I had more trouble finding turf than medium green!

Christopher said...

I played Nintendo Wii last night at a party, as well as a game called Guitar Hero. I have decided that I may have to spend my mortgage money this month to get one for myself. OMG, it is so cool! Can I come over and play?! Please!!!!

Ms. Val said...

Ces: Yes, the shipping did cost more than the item, but at $6, even that wasn't too bad.

Mark: Turf is a fun color. I'm starting to seek out more vintage greens for my collection. My next conquest is a piece of Harlequin spruce (Q, are you listening? Mother's Day is coming up!)

Christopher: OOH, Guitar Hero! I think that game features KISS music. And yes, you can come over and play anytime you want just as long as you handle the CDs by the edges and straighten up all the video components when you're done. Kyle is very meticulous about taking care of his game stuff. And this is the same child whose favorite socks are threabare and full of holes.