Monday, March 19, 2007

In Bloom!

When we planted our orange tree six years ago, it was only about a foot and a half tall. It is now over nine feet tall, but except for a lone orange a few months ago, it has never produced any fruit. In fact, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to having a fruitless, but otherwise healthy tree in the yard.

Then this morning, I discovered several small clusters of orange blossoms scattered throughout the tree.
There aren't many, but it's still early in the growing season. Our lime tree started blooming a few weeks ago. Many of the white petals have fallen off, leaving behind these little green nubs with yellow tips. These are future limes.

The lime tree was planted a year before the orange tree, but we usually have a pretty good lime crop. That tree bears enough fruit to keep us in fresh limes all summer long. We share them with the neighbors, and Q often leaves bags of them on the break room counter at work (that's also where we get our lemons). Also, Q's mom once bought us a lime cookbook.
We're really excited about all the fresh citrus. I'm hoping for enough oranges to at least make a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice on Father's Day morning.


Menchie said...

You have an actual orange tree in your!

We have our own version of the orange which we call "dalandan". It's a lot smaller and the color of the fruit is green.

Christopher said...

Hooray! No scurvy!

Ces said...

I love any kind of fruit tree. I hope to get an orange tree and lime tree this year. So far I have papayas and bananas.