Friday, January 12, 2007

My Work Areas

Following in the footsteps of Ces, Menchie, and a few others, I am posting pictures of my work area. Everyone elses work area are neat and organized, but not mine! And since I don't work at a traditional job, most of my work is done here:
and here:
And the work that I do there gets organized here:
Most of my blogging and other computer work gets done here. It's also here where I pay bills, sign permission slips, read the mail, write checks for the boys' lunch accounts and Scholastic book orders, and grade homework.
Stuff I like to keep at arm's length is kept here. These tools of the trade include: the checkbook, phone, calculator, scissors, and pens. This table is also the dumping ground for odds and ends like the DVD remote, a receipt from the bookstore, a broken mouse, a jury summons, a gift card, extra car keys, a Post-It note with Luke's friend's phone number on it, and an iPod FM transmitter that doesn't work well.
Overflow junk gets dumped here: Kleenex, the Schwan's catalog, the ceiling fan remote, CD for the Q's new digital camera, hand lotion, extra cough drops from last week, extra Post-Its, a couple of Luke's graded math tests, a trinket box, a tin of Rosebud salve, a pink Coach wristlet, and an invoice for our quarterly HOA assessment. On the floor below is a jumble of cords that includes the plug for the floor lamp, my iPod synch cable, two cell phone chargers, camera cable, and laptop charger. My iPod ear buds are around here somewhere...


kj said...

you are too much val. this is fun to see. welcome back!


Christopher said...

We even have the same computer! Scary! Of course, I won't have mine for much longer since I was a bad boy yesterday...I used loan money to buy a Macbook. Craig is going to give me scornful looks.

Maria said...

love it!

I'm happy to see you blogging more now!

Menchie said...

I like your house. I really do. I love the colors especially the first picture. AND, your workplace is not untidy. You'll feel so much better about your house if you ever see mine.

Ms. Val said...

KJ: Thanks. It's good to be back.

Christopher: I thought you got the Macbook a long time ago. Did you sell your Dell?

Maria: Thank you. All I needed was for Ces to give me a cyber wake-up call.

Menchie: Thank you for all the compliments on my house. I'm pretty proud of long as I can keep the clutter under control. With two boys and a husband, that's easier said than done.

Christopher said...

I have not sold the Dell, and I didn't get the Macbook...I ordered it, but cancelled the order. No cancelling this time, and my baby should be here in the next three or four days!

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, you are a bad boy! And I think I'm misbehaving when I spend $20 on a blouse from the Banana Republic clearance rack that I don't need.

Ces said...

Val, you have the best and most honorable workspace of all. It was my mother's too for a lifetime and I am forever greatful to women who made the home their daily office. Of course I see the Fiesta!!!