Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday 13

1. I was summoned to appear for jury duty today. But when I called the automated system to get my reporting time, I learned that my group has been excused. Most people would be relieved by this, but I'm rather bummed. I was really looking forward to experiencing this part of the judicial process for myself.

2. I am not good about delaying gratification, or otherwise depriving myself of anything. It's a genetic aberration, of sorts.

3. According to my iTunes library, the most played song on my iPod is "Castles in the Air" by Don McLean. #2 is "The Things We Do For Love" by 10cc.

4. It's been almost two weeks since I redecorated the bathroom and--gasp--it's staying clean! I have never been able to keep a single room clean for that long. Of course, it helps that this particular bathroom is the smallest room in the house. And I'm sure the removal of cheap construction-grade fixtures didn't hurt, either.

5. The boys' favorite rainy day food is chili. When they come home from school, one of them will announce: "I smell Mom's chili!!!" Kyle, in particular will help himself to a bowl right then instead of waiting for dinner.

6. When we were in California last month, I managed to navigate the streets and freeways without getting us hopelessly lost. It wasn't easy, either. I kept losing my sense of direction...something that's not a problem in Phoenix (I'm obviously spoiled by the grid system here). Anyway, I will install some sort of dash-mounted compass for our next car trip.

7. Speaking of California, the LA area is home to the best jazz station ever. I don't remember the call letters, but the frequency was 88.1. They play jazz music all day, unlike the Phoenix station, which broadcasts NPR (Not Pertinent Radio) everyday until 7:00.

8. Learning moment. I use this phrase often. The boys hate it because it's my way of telling them that they have to accept and live with their choices.

9. My new TV addiction is real estate shows...especially the "flipper" ones where the sellers overimprove and overprice their houses to the point where they sit unsold for months on end. I love watching said sellers collapse under the weight of their own greed.

10. I'm hardly ever late for anything. I have no problem getting the boys to the bus stop on time. I manage to get the oil changed every 3,000 miles without delay. I return library books before they're due. And I always make it to school with time to spare. But for some reason, our Christmas tree stayed set up in the family room until January 9.

11. We have about 8,ooo pairs of scissors in the house. All but 2 are missing.

12. We also have about 12,ooo pens. Only about 5 of them work.

13. Dumb question: Why are there clothes all over the floor if everyone "always puts them in the hamper?"


Menchie said...

Oh I agree with you about the grid system in Arizona. I found it so cool to rent a car in Chandler and drive places when I went there for a business trip two years ago. It's a beautiful place. Too bad I only stayed for three days -- I didn't even get to see the Grand Canyon! Which means I will have to go back sometime in the future.

Funny about the pens, in my house, you can never find one when you need one but stumble over lots of it when you least expect it. :D