Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Haul!

On Monday, I made it home from Pittsburgh and the HLCCA conference. This trip was a BLAST! In fact, it's safe to say that I had as much fun as I'm allowed to have without my husband. The complimentary cocktail hour that the Embassy Suites offers was a contributing was a very eventful trip to McDonald's.

More pics will be posted later (including a full report on all weekend debauchery). In the meantime, enjoy this table photo of my dish booty (click on the images for a better view):

I brought 3 suitcases on this trip...two of which were earmarked for dishes. I even brought a boatload of bubble wrap, but lost it all when the hotel maid mistook it for trash. Good thing Craig brought extra.

On the plane ride home, I had plenty of time to think about where I would house all this loot. I decided to evict the crockpot, that cheapo carousel storage container holder we never used, some mismatched stemware, and other miscellaneous ware.

Some of these items will find homes elsewhere in the kitchen. Some will go into storage. But most will end up at Goodwill. I have too many beautiful dishes to hang on to crap.

I also removed the cabinet doors. Here's the finished product:

I have similar plans for the corner cabinet in the dining room. A bunch of green Granada and Amberstone followed me home...including a covered marmalade!


Hoosier at Heart said...

HI! I found your blog while doing a blog search of Peoria, AZ which is where I live also. I share your love of Fiestaware. Love all the colors except black, white and pink. It's nice to find bloggers in the same town. Have a great day!