Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lucas Rant #187

The following item does not necessarily reflect the views of the writers of this blog. They are the rantings of one 11-year old boy who watches to copius amounts of TV news and, as a result has become a little too jaded for his age.

CFL (B.S.) BULBS June 18, 2009

By Lucas

Everybody is talking about the new CFL bulb. You know, the twisty kind. There supposed to be "Energy Efficient". Its just BS.

First, They say they save energy. NO! THEY DON'T! Tests show they use the same amout of energy as normal bulbs, but they cost much more when you add the prices up. Also, this just occurred to me while typing, but when you buy normal bulbs if you think the same as me, when you're in the checkout counter with your normal bulbs, everybody else has CFLs and you look like a total DOUCHE!

Another thing is people say they're "greener" but, really, is the mercury in the CFLs really "green". Compared to a normal bulb that has no mercury, mu point speaks for itself now.

Next, is efficiency.Even though if you have a light that's constantly on, CFLs are good because they don't get hot, that's the only upside. They say "If every house in America changed just one bulb to CFL, it would save enough energy to power every home in Arizona for a day." Now i took that statement word for word from an APS commercial. I don't own these words in that sequence, but still...What they don't tell you is it would take years and YEARS to harness that power and for what??? JUST A DAY? JUST CRAP!!!

And one last point. it's called a light BULB for a reason. Why, you people who's brains are rotted by Al Gore's crap from the mouth, Edison intended the light bulb to be a BULB! He spent many many sleepless nights and thousands of techniques for a bulb! It's a damn BULB!!! Like a kerocene lamp!

American Trivia:

The longest used light bulb was built in?
A.) 1871
B.) 1999
C.) 1901
D.) 1897


It is in a what in Livermore, CA?

A.) A house
B.) A firestation
C.) A hospital
D.) A police Station
E.) A Cafe


It was a(n)...?

A.) Flood light
C.) A Bulb
D.) A florecent tube

Answer...You guessed it...C!