Saturday, May 02, 2009

This Week...

Another week has past. Here are a few of the highlights and the lowlights:

--I registered for the fall semester. I'll be taking classes in kitchen and bath, codes and regulations, and professional practices. I'm also taking a math class in the summer. I should have my associates' degree in December.

Fiesta large comport is coming to live with me. This one is yellow and will look fabulous on my kitchen table. I'm adopting it from Harvey, a good friend from the CMG message board. I also bought his yellow Harlequin individual creamer.

--Q left his cell phone at the gym. The next morning, I went back to look for it. I was shocked to find it still in the cup holder of the leg press machine...right where he'd left it.

--Lucas and I think this swine flu business is being over-hyped.

--I made my flight plans for July's
HLCCA Conference. I'll be flying to Indianapolis, where Craig will pick me up. From there, we'll drive on to Pittsburgh for the conference. I'm really looking forward to this trip since I'll be visiting a part of the country I've never seen before.

--I finished watching my Knots Landing season 2 DVDs. Even though I'd seen it dozens of times before, I had to have the Kleenex box handy when Sid Fairgate drove over that cliff.

--I'm more than a little miffed that Facebook changed its Friends page so users can no longer see their friends' status updates. That was one of the best parts of FB!

--I have NO papers to write for next week. Even though I have a few projects to work on, they're not going to consume the entire weekend as they have in recent months. We are taking the boys to the
Star Trek Experience exhibit at the Science Center today.


RainbowDishes said...

Congrats on the yellow comport. I saw it listed after it had already sold and I was jealous. I would have bought that too. I have a cobalt one and it is the only piece of vintage that I use regularly.

I agree about the swine flu. Very overrated.

If you are looking forward to seeing this part of the country, you should really set your sights a little higher. LOL I can't wait for July. It will be a blast!!!

SeangSTM said...

Knots Landing Season 2 was pretty awesome, yes.

I especially liked Laura and Abby in the kitchen...

"You're such a slut..."

I'm hoping that the rest of the series gets released...sooner rather than later!

Now that I've got Seasons 1 to 10 of Dallas, my collection is complete. Frankly, when Pam blew up what that tanker, the show ended for me...I have Seasons 11 to 13, but I'm happy with my version taped from TV.

Ms. Val said...

I think my sights are set just fine. Anyway, the drive through IN/OH/WV/PA can't be any worse than the drive across I-10 through the AZ/CA desert in August. Nothing but tumbleweeds, power lines, and the occasional flying alligator.

I am very much looking forward to our road trip, too.

Season 2 was one of the best. I just think Laura was way too easy on Richard. Val also let Gary off too easy when he cheated with Judy Trent.

And no matter what anyone else says, I LIKE Kenny and Ginger...even if Ginger is more than a little indecisive and whiney.

Kristin popping up in one of the eps was a nice touch, too.

And I completely about expediting the DVD release of the rest of the series. The three year wait between seasons 1 and 2 was FAR too long!!!

SeangSTM said...

Yeah, I agree. Laura's needs to turn around and belt Richard ASAP.

Also, the DVDs took a while to be released because of rights issues. Now it's been settled, so you might see one or two a year - which would be nice.

Ms. Val said...

Rights issues? I thought the slow release was because of lackluster sales of season 1, and Warner Home Video bowed to fan pressure to give the series another chance.

BTW, season 1 of Designing Women is due to be released on May 26!