Saturday, May 09, 2009

Great Day!

--Lunch and shopping with Mom and Meredith. We had sushi.

--New, cute summer tops for everyone!

--Mom let me drive her little Pontiac roadster. Nice car and REALLY fun to drive, but visibility is rather limited. You know how when you're moving and you load your back seat down with so many boxes that you can't see out the rear window? Yeah. It's like that. Except in this case, there were neither boxes nor a back seat.

--Q and I went to the D-Backs-Nationals game. Killer seats. Sucks that they lost, but at least we had ice cream.

--Harvey's package of yellows arrived safe and sound in today's mail

--Kyle vaccuumed the edges and corners of the stairs for me.

--Lucas put his clean clothes away without protest.

And it's not even Mother's Day...yet.