Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday 13: Weekend Plans UPDATED

1. Research and write a paper for Geology class. The topic is earthquakes.

2. Sell snacks at the Family Dance at the boys' school. DONE

3. Clean out my dresser...remove all baggy jeans, winter pajamas, ratty underwear, and other clothes that no longer fit and I no longer wear.

4. Go to the outlet mall and check out the new Banana Republic Factory Store. Maybe spend the gift card/coupon that BR sent me for my birthday. Any purchases can help fill the void left by item #3. DONE

5. Diamondbacks vs. Mariners Spring Training game on Sunday. I parked illegally and risked being cited or towed to buy the tickets for that game. TIIC really need to provide adequate short term parking for those of us who are there spend money at their box office!

6. Scrape the wallpaper fishies off the boys' bathroom walls (Maybe...this a big, low priority project).

7. Reorganize my iTunes playlists (Another maybe...another big project).

8. Try to find Lucas' good tennis shoes. DONE

9. Replace the hubcap on the Dodge (Pending arrival...the eBay seller shipped it on Tuesday). NOT DONE...didn't arrive in Saturday's mail.

10. Go to a trunk show that one of the stores near my hair salon is holding. NOT DONE...stayed home and played drunk Trivial Pursuit with Q and Lucas...except instead of tequila shots, Lucas did Pepsi shots.

11. Scan some stuff for a future blog post.

12. Go to the gym. NOT DONE...decided to do the opposite and go out for deep fried shrimp tacos instead.

13. Go to Target. I'm not sure what for, but I'm sure somebody will think of something. We seem to end up there nearly every weekend.