Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodwill Finds

Despite the fact that it wasn't half price Saturday, Lucas and I decided to hit a few Goodwill stores anyway. There was no Fiesta, architecture books, Lucky Brand Jeans, or vintage video game consoles. But we hit paydirt on patio furniture.

The wicker chairs on our back patio are looking pretty ratty. They will be gone by Hippie Christmas, if not sooner. At which time, these heavy iron and raffia chairs will move in. But for now, they'll stay on the front stoop.

I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with these plant stands yet. I might stick a flat surface across the top and make one or both into small end tables. Or maybe I'll do the unthinkable and use them for their intended purpose. If I do keep them as plant stands, I'll have to buy pots that fit.


Kelly said...

Hippie Christmas?

Ms. Val said...

Kelly, Hippie Christmas is the once-yearly citywide loose trash collection. Residents leave their oversized discards such as broken appliances, unwanted furniture, landscape debris, and construction materials curbside for removal by the city.

Many times, this stuff gets scooped up by scavangers and others looking for free crap. Last year, I put Q's broken lawn mower out for pickup. It was gone in less than an hour. No worries. We didn't want it anyway.

Another variation of Hippie Christmas is the stuff that is left behind after dorm move-out day at any college.