Saturday, December 13, 2008

Goodwill Treasure Trove

While out Christmas shopping today, we stopped in Goodwill to seek out hidden treasure. While Q and and the boys looked at old school video game systems, antiquated cell phones, and cookbooks, I headed over to housewares in a vain attempt to find Fiesta.

I have found dishes at Goodwill before, but NEVER Fiesta. But today, I was pleasantly surprised. Looked what jumped in the trunk and followed us home:

The housewares section was not very well organized so it took me several passes before I found all the Fiesta. In all, I came away with three cereal bowls and six dinner plates. I left one cobalt dinner plate behind because it had a big honking chip under the rim.

Other than some utensil scratches--which can be cleaned--everything is in good shape.

Oh, and today was half price day. I got all nine pieces (four of which are in retired colors) for less than $4.


RainbowDishes said...

How cool! I never find anything at my goodwill. Of course, it is on the other side of town, so I only visit there about once every two years...makes it hard to find good deals there.

DS Mark said...

Nice find!

papa said...

Good deal Val! My Goodwill has absolutely NOTHING!

Kelly said...

Woo hoo!

Ms. Val said...

It was a nice find. I'm happy.

Q did inform the boys that they WILL be getting some of my dishes when they leave for college in a few years (this latest purchase now has us at around 50 plates). Kyle countered that he's planning on using plastic dishes.

I calmly ordered him to go into the restaurant bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap.

Kelly, welcome to my blog. I added you to the blogroll.

Becky said...

Val, what a deal. Congratulations! I've never found any Fiesta at our Goodwill either. I'm glad you did.

Hey, my verification code is "adisher". LOL. How appropos.

Mother Jones RN said...