Friday, December 12, 2008

Chocolate Cravings

Armed with a tip from a fellow collector, I headed over to the Dillard's to check out the new, highly anticipated Fiesta color--Chocolate.

It looks like a Hershey bar. Almost good enough to eat. Here it is pictured with my vintage Amberstone shakers:

For now, I only have the fruit bowl. I also want a 4-piece place setting, which includes a mug. But Dillard's only sells the 5-piece sets. I guess I'll have to wait until Macy's gets Chocolate in stock.

I love this new color. I really do. But aside from the place setting, I'm not sure how much of it I'll be buying. Under the light of the dining room, Chocolate Fiesta is almost the exact same color as my walnut-stained table:

On the other hand, the completist in me demands that I have a place setting in every color. So if anyone in my family is looking for gift ideas, you can never go wrong with Fiesta. And Chocolate Fiesta is double sweet. BTW, I don't have the place setting in Ivory, either.


papa said...

The dishes being the same color as the table sounds like a perfect diet plan...."food,what food,the table is empty!"
OH BTW Val look for some Amberstone soon.

I'm gonna sell some pieces on CMT as soon as I drag them out of the cupboard and wash them up for pics!

Anything in particular you need?

Christopher said...

That is exactly why I never buy place settings at Dillards...I really dislike the five piece setting with the cup and saucer. I must have my mug!

Kelly said...

It sounds like a perfect reason to get a new tablecloth or set of placemats. ;-) oh, enabler enabler enabler!!!

I, too, am a four piece place setting girl... but I am working on owning one teacup and saucer in each color, so I'm buying a five-piece and will add the mug when I can.

Becky said...

"Chocolate Fiesta is almost the exact same color as my walnut-stained table:"

There's a solution for that. Check out the tablecloth thread on CMG. LOL