Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Dishes: Fiesta Ornaments

Last year, I started adding ornaments to my Fiesta collection. I had pick up a few pieces here and there from friends and fellow collectors at the Collectible Medium Green message board and from eBay (they're very hard to find locally). But my interest in ornaments reached a fever pitch last summer at the HLCCA conference when I acquired six of them.
In all, my ornament collection has reached 32 pieces and it's still growing. The picture above only shows a few of my favorite decaled pieces, but I also have a dozen or so blank ornaments. I have big plans for those (hint: they won't stay blank for long!)
During the off-season, I keep the ornaments on display in a presentation bowl. The one pictured here is a recent acquisition. Macy's has decided to quit carrying the Evergreen color so I got this one off the clearance table for less than half price.
Within the next few weeks, the ornaments will be promoted to tree status. At which time, the presentation bowl will be filled with leftover decorations from yesterday's wreath building event.