Saturday, July 26, 2008

HLCCA Conference 2008

Well, I'm finally able to resume blogging. Sort of. My laptop has received a new hard drive and more memory, but there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. In the meantime, I was able to upload photos from last weeks HLCCA Conference.

Me and my roommate, Sallie at the Thursday night mixer. Here, we had to dress in clothing or costume respresentative of our home state. I chose a top that looks like a colorful Arizona sunset and jeans with embroidered patches of Native American, desert, and cowboy motifs. Sallie kept it simple and wore a shirt from North Carolina. (Photo by Pat K.)

On Friday morning, Fred, our local host, had everyone over to his house to see his collection of vintage Homer Laughlin dishes and ephemera. I took a liking to this Fiesta Ironstone ad from 1970:

And the back:

Friday night HLCCA consignment auction. I was a very good girl here.

Saturday morning Dealer Show & Sale

I was able to find the missing piece to my Harlequin double egg cup collection--chartreuse! I refer to this as my trip trophy.

Dennis and Jimmy's Riviera display. A rare prototype Harlequin sauce cup is pictured below.

Jerry's display of Homer Laughlin premium ware. Every one of these items came from boxes of oatmeal or laundry soap.

On Saturday afternoon, Pat (Q's mom) picked me and Sallie up and we went antiquing in nearby Hopkins. In one antique mall, I found some of the same Fisher Price toys I enjoyed as a child.

Sallie and I referred to this as the Goodie Cabinet. Her stuff is on the top shelf and mine is in the middle. This picture was taken before Saturday night's awards banquet and auction. Between party gifts, drawings, and awards, we acquired even more stuff than is shown here.

Daphne, Jeremy, and DeniseVA.

Joy, Saarin, and Kathy in vintage garb.

One of the weekend's activities was the "State Your State" game. We were given a list of all 50 states and had to gather signatures from conference attendees, based on their home state. I "won" the prize for gathering the least amount of names. Fred deduced that this was because I didn't know the local language. So I was given a copy of How to Talk Minnesotan. (photo by Rebecca D.)
Chuck: "More jellybeans!"

Denise (the one from New Mexico) advised implored me to bring an extra suitcase. She said "you'll need it."

And she wasn't kidding. I had told myself that I would only buy small items like egg cups, ornaments, and sugar bowls. Well, it didn't quite work out that way. After acquiring a covered casserole, a disk pitcher, and a large oval platter later, both of my suitcases were FULL! The carry-on bag was full of vintage ware, while the Post-86 stuff had to ride in steerage.

Even so, everything made it home safe and sound without breakage. It's a good thing I brought extra bubble wrap. I needed every bit of it.

I made lots of great friends at conference. Including:

--Jerry and Joan from North Carolina

--RJ and Renee from Wisconsin. They got married just a few days before conference.

--Sheri and her mom, Elvie

--The Denises--all three of 'em. DeniseNM and I have known each other for awhile, but I finally got to meet Denise from VA and Denise from NJ.

--Rebecca from Washington

--Ms. Bea. She complimented my hair. You don't get higher accolades than that. :-)

--Michael and Bobbi Jo. They live nearby in Avondale.

--Kathy from Wisconsin. She knew who I was the minute I walked in the hotel lobby on the first day.

--Sid and Maryann from Ohio

--Steve and Terry from Kentucky

--Joe and Michele from Kansas

--all the HLCCA officers, including Sandra, Kit, Richard, Merrill, David, Michael, and Susan.

--and everyone with whom I shared a table, stood in a buffet line, or rode in the hotel elevator.


Craig said...

Ms. Bea. She complimented my hair. You don't get higher accolades than that.

You are so right, that is the highest compliment that anyone could ever receive! It sure looks like you made out pretty good! I am glad you had a good time, I am going to go next year (of course I have said that 3 years in a row now!) But I am getting to the point that I don't care if I have to hitchhike and sleep in a cardboard box, I am going to make it there!!!

Craig said...

And I am so glad that your computer is fixed and you can start blogging again! :)

Ms. Val said...

Thanks, Craig. I had a GREAT time. really hope to see you in Pittsburg next year. If you can sock away $20 (or even $10) per week, you should be able to swing it.

And I'm glad to have the computer fixed, too. Q managed to recover my music and photos since they were saved on the iPod. But I lost every paper and school assignment I've written in the last two years. I still have to reload some software as well.

Christopher said...

Sigh. It looks like you had so much fun...wish I could have joined you. And with the Bar Exam next summer, it looks like it will be one more year before we get to have Fiesta Fun.

FYI, you look fierce at the banquet!

Ms. Val said...

FYI, you look fierce at the banquet!

Thanks, Christopher. I overdress for everything. :-)