Sunday, July 27, 2008

Conference Goodies

Here are a few of my acquisitions from last weekend's HLCCA conference. If needed, click on the photos to view them larger.
Top shelf: White bulb candleholder won during Sunday morning's breakfast buffet, business meeting, and prize drawings.

Middle shelf: (left) Jubilee sugar bowl in Celadon Green was purchased at the consignment auction. (right) Turquoise mini disk pitcher won during Thursday night's Bingo game.

Bottom shelf: Vintage turquoise sugar bowl. I had this one before, but it didn't have a lid. RJ and Renee gave me their extra one.

Various Fiesta ornaments. The First Fire Ivory one was given to all conference attendees.

Everyone who visited Fred's house got to pick out a vintage Homer Laughlin ashtray as a parting gift. I chose this one because it harkens back to the mid '50s Doo Wop motel era. Also, I loved the colorful desert motif of the center decal.

I told myself that I would buy only small, lightweight, easy to pack items. But that promise went out the window when this Amberstone covered casserole went up for bid at Friday night's auction. This piece begged me to make room in my suitcase so he could follow me home.

This Granada gold gravy boat and shakers made a similar appeal. I thought these pieces would be great additions to my Ironstone/Amberstone/Casualstone collection.

This vintage cobalt sugar bowl was purchased at Fred's booth at the Hopkins Antique Mall. The people in Hopkins were very nice. Whenever we walked into a store, the merchant would announce "You're with that Fiestaware group!" They were always happy to see us. We helped stimulate the economy.

This turquoise single egg cup (far right) also followed me home from Hopkins. Here, he's posing with his buddies on the dining room shelf.

With the addition of chartreuse (far right), my Harlequin double egg cup collection is pretty much complete. There is one missing, however--medium green. But that color is quite rare, and therefore very expensive. A few people suggested that I'll eventually find one in the deep dark recesses of a thrift store for a VERY affordable price.

More to come...


Craig said...

WOW!!! Very cool loot you have from the conference! And that Amberstone casserole would have caused a bidding fight between us! LOL

Ms. Val said...

And that Amberstone casserole would have caused a bidding fight between us! LOL

Oooh, them's fightin' words, Craig!!!! When I saw that piece at auction, I didn't think I had a chance of winning it. Admittedly, I ended up getting it for a lot less than I should have. :-)

RainbowDishes said...

You made out pretty good. I can't think of a better home from that casserole dish (well, except for maybe mine hehe)!!!