Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Staycation Highlights: Day 4 (Tuesday)

Today we went to the Golfland-Sunsplash in Mesa. Through her business, my mom was able to get free passes to any of the three water parks in the Phoenix area. Even though we live barely five minutes from another water park, we chose Golfland because it had more attractions than the others. Besides, we had never been there before. Part of being on vacation is trying new things.

We decided to make the Golfland trip today because it was Free Tube Tuesday. Between that and the free passes, our only expenses were a $6 locker rental and $12 for lunch. Sadly, we probably paid more in gas to drive there and back.

Below is a video of Q and Lucas going down the slides. Good thing we have a waterproof camera.

In the evening, Lucas had his drum lesson. Afterwards, we had dinner at Rubio's Baja Grill (one of Luke's choices). The boys were hoping for Japanese food, but we were all too tired to enjoy such an extravagant meal. Besides, none of us were dressed for a trip to the sushi bar and we still smelled like chlorine and Coppertone.

At Rubios, I was looking forward to some of their roasted chipotle salsa. In fact, I was craving it. But this particular salsa has been temporarily discontinued. Stupid tomato recall!
We also got the car out of the shop. All it needed was a new pipe and hose for the power steering system--a $90 repair. We got off cheap. But still, it's not a vacation without some sort of car trouble!

Back at home, we just crashed. National Lampoon's Vacation was on again. CMT is getting more mileage out of that film than the Griswolds got out of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

After two days of wall-to-wall entertainment, we need a vacation from our staycation. Tomorrow might be a lazy day.


Q said...

Check out the video here.

Ms. Val said...

Thanks for getting YouTube to finally accept the video! I added it to the body of the post.