Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Staycation Highlights: Day 3 (Monday)

--Q got up bright and early to drop the Dodge off at the shop. Afterwards, he stopped at the store and bought dounts for breakfast. No vacation would be complete without a donut run.

--Afterwards, we kicked back and watched Lucas' and my new favorite show: Cash Cab.

--For lunch we ate at one of Kyle's chosen restaurants; Cousins' Subs. I noticed that their receipts remain unchanged. On our way out, Q informed the guy at the counter that we live in Arizona, not Arkansas. We'll see if the error is fixed next time we eat there. Cousins' is across the street from...

--The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. Lucas was on the lookout for some old musical instruments. No dice, but he did spot nine washboards. I think my son has aspirations of starting a jug band. I didn't buy anything either, as all the Fiesta was overpriced. $28 for a Cinnabar bud vase? Puh-LEEZ!

--I LOVE this little pink dollhouse. It was priced right at $45. If I had a daughter, I would have bought it.

--Lucas playing a game of Rotary Phone Races.

--After the antique mall, we stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream. And then...

--We went to Laser Quest for a couple games of laser tag. The boys had done this before with friends, but Q and I never had. This had to be the highlight of our day. At the conclusion of the first game, our family took four of the top five spots. I placed second in both games. The scores below were for the first game. But by the time we left, Kyle had the highest single game score of the day.

--Back at home for a little down time before...
--Q and I went out on a long overdue date night. I picked up McDonald's and a DVD for the boys. Then started the evening with dinner at this uber-trendy pizza restaurant.
Afterwards, we went to the movies to see Sex and the City. Or as Q calls it: "that show with the redhead, the tramp, the girl from Melrose Place, and the main chick". That's right, Dear. And there's also the bald guy, the gay guy, the bald gay guy, the redhead's husband, and the guy from Law & Order.