Monday, June 23, 2008

In Loving Memory

Today was my dad's birthday. He would have been 62.

I celebrated the day in part by driving to the college to pick up my diploma.

At the time of his death in 2001, Dad had lived long enough to see one of his daughters (my sister) graduate from college. The other one of us (me) settled into domestic life and had babies. Since then, my sister and I have each--at least for some part--accomplished both.


Craig said...

Congratulations about your diploma! Your dad would be very happy about your diploma too, but I am sure he was just as happy about your 3 boys!

Ms. Val said...

Craig, who is my third boy? I only know of two. Are you counting my husband...the overgrown boy?

Craig said...

LOL...Yep, I kinda threw Q into the list of your 3 "boys".

Denise said...

Val- your dad was so handsome- I know he would be so proud of you- He passed young like my dad. My dad was only 52- That is so sad-
I love your bright red hair.

Why does your sister have a teenaged, pissed off look on her face? I love it.
Denise Price

Ms. Val said...

Thanks, Denise. Billy Joel said "only the good die young". Dad was definitely one of the good guys.

As for my red hair, that pic was taken in 1995, and Melrose Place was very popular at the time. That show did for redheads what Knots Landing did for blondes.

My sister probably just wanted the photographer (I think it was Q) to hurry up and take the picture. I know I get that way when I'm posing with a group and the photographer is taking too much time to take too few pictures.

So, will I see you at conference in a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind my pissed of look on my face...what's up with those pants I'm wearing? What was I thinking?


Denise said...

Yes, I'll be at the conference Val-
Can't wait to meet you-

Ms. Val said...

Meredith, baggy pants/jeans were very popular at the time. Sometimes I wish that look would return. Very comfortable.