Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wii Got It, Part 2

Ever since Kyle got his Wii console last year, he's been adding to his video game collection with great regularity. He saves his allowance with a degree of discipline not typically seen in 13 year-old boys. Even so, he sometimes has to get a sales tax loan from the Bank of Lucas. But once Release Day rolls around, Kyle usually has enough money to buy his own copy of Super Mario Whatever. He then asks me or Q to drive him to Blockbuster to right when the store opens.

Kyle’s favorite games usually include the Mario character, but not always. And for the most part, stock is quite plentiful. But that wasn’t the case for Kyle’s latest gaming conquest: Wii Fit.

Wii Fit is an interactive athletic game on the same vein as Wii Sports and Wii Play. The game retails for $90 (it includes the game disk and a Balance Board that looks like those plastic boxes from an early-90s step aerobics class). That’s considerably more than the usual $20-$50 price for Wii games. As such, I agreed to pay for half if Kyle made the Honor Roll. And he did.
Wii Fit was released on May 21. On Thursday, I visited two Target stores in search of the game. No dice. Apparently this thing was going to be as hard to find as the original console was.
On Friday morning, I did a few online inventory searches. I looked for Wii Fit at Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop, but I found it locally at Wal-Mart. Bad enough, but it wasn't at just any Wal-Mart. It was at
Ghetto Wal-Mart! AND we had to drive there (30 mile round trip...just over a gallon of $3.75 gas).
Oh, the things I do for my kids…
But it was all worth it. Kyle thanked me over and over during the ride home. His show of sincere gratitude truly made me cry. Later, he continued to display his appreciation by cleaning junk mail and empty water bottles out the car.
And then I showed Kyle this news article. I don't think the title of "Best Mom Ever" is out of line.


Christopher said...

Ooooo, I'm so jealous! Not even the ghetto WalMart had it here in Louisville, and it was all a part of my summer weight-loss plan!

It is sad that I'm jealous of a 13-year-old. But hey, that's just who I am.